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张佳伟 David Zhang

MSCI 董事总经理

Managing Director, MSCI

张佳伟现任MSCI 董事总经理。 MSCI原称摩根士坦利资本国际,是一家美国股票基金、收入型基金、对冲基金股价指数和股东权益投资组合分析工具提供商。此前张佳伟曾任瑞士信贷投资银行董事总经理,负责证券化定量研究,包括房地产债券投资交易,固定收益投资分析、避险、策略,以及房地产经济研究。他的团队多次获得业界年度评选领先排名。他是普林斯顿大学理学博士,经常参与银行界和学术界的研讨和出版。他是国际专业避险协会的发起人之一。

    Dr. Jiawei “David” Zhang is a managing director at MSCI, formerly Morgan Stanley Capital International, which is an American provider of equity, fixed income, hedge fund stock market indexes, and equity portfolio analysis tools. Before joining MSCI, David was a managing director and head of securitized products modeling group at Credit Suisse. His group is highly ranked in various industry and client surveys. He has published in finance journals and is a frequent speaker at industry and academic conferences. He serves in leadership roles in GCREC (Global Chinese Real Estate Congress) and PRMIA (Professional Risk Management International Association). He has a PhD from Princeton.