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January 4, 2018

    REIT是Real Estate Investment Trust的简称。中文译为“瑞资”或者“房地产投资信托基金”。瑞资1960年起源于美国,泛指那些通过发行股票或者收益凭证的方式汇集资金,专业持有并经营管理商业地产和投资型物业、或者为其融资的具有上市资格的公司。目前,共有37多个国家或地区设有瑞资,包括所有西方7国集团的工业发达国家。其中美国是全球最大的瑞资市场,目前已有230多只瑞资上市公司,持有将近20万座不同类型的投资型地产,资产价值超过2万亿美元。

    Altegris/AACA房地产基金经理Burl East认为,科技地产和基础设施瑞资为投资者提供了两种使技术运用于房地产市场的途径。他指出,智能手机和平板电脑等手持设备的广泛应用,将增加相关房地产的需求。同样他也认为诸如消费者行为大数据分析、云计算和自动驾驶汽车等创新,也将会在不断增长的需求中发挥作用,尽管自动驾驶汽车等技术还没有在消费者经济中有较高份额,但是已经对房地产市场有巨大的潜在影响。East评论说,每个人都想要进入一个正在欣欣向荣,不断进步的行业,而在技术相关的房地产市场中,情况确实在不断变好。



    Data center and infrastructure REITs offer two ways for investors to make technology-focused plays on the real estate market, according to Burl East, manager of the Altegris/AACA Opportunistic Real Estate Fund.East was a guest on The REIT Report: Nareit’s Weekly Podcast on Dec. 8.He pointed to the demonstrable proliferation on hand-held devices such as smartphones and tablets as one factor that will boost demand for related real estate. However, he also noted that innovations such as “big data” analytics of consumer behavior, cloud computing and driver less cars will also play a part in growing demand. “Data center REITs and cell tower REITs… all fit for us into the internet of things real estate,”which make up roughly 40 percent of his fund’s portfolio, according to East.Even though technologies such as self-driving cars have yet to take on a meaningful role in the consumer economy today, the real estate market is already being affected by their potential impacts, East said.“You want to be in a business where things are getting better, and things are getting better” in technology-related real estate, East commented. “We like investing in business that have secular demand drivers.”

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