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陈世亮 Tan Say Liang,


CFA General Manager, Shanghai

陈世亮先生于2007年11月加入新交所,现任上海区总经理,负责管理新 交所证券及衍生产品交易在中国市场的整体开发业务。在此之前,他曾 任衍生品业务金属及散货商品部总监,不仅负责新交所大获成功的铁矿 石衍生品的产品开发和管理工作,同时还负责推出在交易所清算的煤炭 和钢铁衍生品业务。 在加入新交所之前,陈先生是大华资产管理公司 (UOB) 的副总监,负 责股票单位信托的产品开发和管理工作。而在加入大华资产管理公司之 前,他曾在业务遍布全球的老牌证券经纪公司——辉立证券有限公司— —担任市场营销经理一职,主要负责开发网上交易证券产品。 陈先生持有新加坡国立大学的工商管理硕士学位以及澳大利亚麦考瑞大 学的应用金融学硕士学位。此外,他还于 2005年12月获得了特许金融 分析师资格证书。


Mr. Tan joined SGX in November 2007. He is currently General Manager of Shanghai, responsible for the market development of SGX Securities & Derivatives Trading in China. His previous role was Director of Metals & Bulks, Derivatives where he was responsible for product development and management of the successful SGX iron ore derivatives and the launch of coal and steel derivatives for clearing on the exchange. Prior to joining SGX, he was the Assistant Director for UOB Asset Management where he was responsible for product development and management of equities unit trusts. Before UOB Asset Management, Mr Tan was the Marketing Manager for Phillip Securities Pte Ltd, an established brokerage firm with a worldwide presence, where he was primarily responsible for developing securities products for online trading. Mr Tan holds a Master of Business Administration from National University of Singapore and Master of Applied Finance from Macquarie University, Australia. He is also a CFA Chartered Holder since December 2005.