龙炼 Lian Long


上海绿庭投资控股集团 董事长兼总裁


Chairman & President, Shanghai GreenCourt Investment Group Co., LTD.




Mr. Long got his bechelor’s degree in Shanghai Jiaotong University and master’s degree of Management in  Fudan University. He is also a distinguished researcher at the Securities Research Institute of Fudan University. Mr. Long also serves as the President of the US GreenCourt and has many years of experience in real estate investment in both China and the United States.

GreenCourt Investment is a listed company listed on the Main Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange with both A shares (600695) and B shares (900919). It mainly focuses on real estate investment and services. The business direction is divided into four new financial sectors, which are real estate investment management, real estate asset management, real estate investment banking, new type of real estate finance.